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Drukarka 3D Up MINI 2 + DIMAFIX

Drukarka 3D Up MINI 2 + DIMAFIX

3 099,00 zł2 999,00 zł brutto2 438,21 zł netto
Drukarka 3D ROBO3D C2 WiFi

Drukarka 3D ROBO3D C2 WiFi

4 444,00 zł4 099,00 zł brutto3 332,52 zł netto


Volcano Eruption Pack 1.75 mm

Volcano Eruption Pack 1.75 mm195,00 zł brutto158,54 zł netto

Głowica E3D Chimera 1.75

Głowica E3D Chimera 1.75535,00 zł brutto434,96 zł netto

Volcano Starter Pack 1.75 mm

Volcano Starter Pack 1.75 mm156,00 zł brutto126,83 zł netto



FepShop.com Just for fun and to help the community we started FEPshop in February 2017. An online shop based in the EU with a mission to deliver High Quality FEP Film at a fair price as fast as possible. In 2017 we learned a lot and we worked hard on improving our services, shipping times and product range. By the end of 2017 we had full filled most of our mission for the EU.
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